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If you have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Developmental Disability, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy can make an immense difference for your family. ABA Therapy is widely-recognized as one of the most effective treatments for autism, and is based upon the principle that behaviors can be taught, measured, and modified through a system of rewards and consequences.  Because of its recognized effectiveness, ABA Therapy is covered under most health insurance plans within the State of California.

Able Pathways provides a complete range of ABA Behavior Therapy Services, including:

Comprehensive Behavior Assessment (CBA)

After obtaining a diagnosis from your child’s physician, this report is the next step to beginning in-home treatment.  Developed by the AblePathways Clinical Director, the CBA allows us to custom-tailor a program designed to best meet the needs of your child.  It provides a thorough assessment of your child’s challenging behaviors, identifying the key factors that precede, trigger, and enable these issues to persist and creates a detailed plan with goals for behavior modification. The CBA becomes a living document, continually revisited and modified throughout therapy, to reflect significant forward strides, required adjustments, and ongoing accomplishments.

In-Home ABA Therapy

For children with ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, and related disabilities, learning home and community-based skills can vastly improve happiness, quality of life, and self-esteem.

Once the Comprehensive Behavior Assessment (CBA) is completed, a therapy team is assigned to your family, consisting of a Case Manager and an AblePathways Therapist (or two therapists, depending on the child’s schedule and needs).  This team, working under the regular supervision of our Clinical Director, is specially trained in both ABA Principles and the specific learning exercises needed to achieve behavioral improvements.  They will work with your child throughout each week, based on the schedule outlined in the CBA and the hours of treatment authorized by your insurance company. Progress is documented daily, and meaningful rewards for your child encourage continued improvement.

Ensuring the continued success and reinforcement of the positive behaviors achieved by the CBA, our therapy team also focus on teaching you the behavior modification principles used throughout the program.

Our Clinical Director and Behavioral Specialist monitor progress against the goals outlined in the CBA. In monthly review meetings with parent(s) and child, your AblePathways team reviews areas of improvement and discusses potential adjustments to the therapy program.

  • AblePathways Services address:

    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Developmental Disabilities
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • AblePathways works closely with

    • School Districts
    • State Funded Programs/Regional Centers
    • Insurers
      • Aetna
      • TriCare
      • Magellan
      • UBH
      • Anthem/Blue Cross
      • Cigna
      • and more…

    We can help you utilize your child’s health insurance to cover most of the cost of treatment.  To begin the process of funding through insurance, your child will need an autism diagnosis from a physician or clinical psychologist.  For more information, call us at 760-230-5251.

  • Other Customized Programs

    Though there may be several commonly-used approaches to identifying and modifying behavioral problems related to developmental disabilities, no two children are alike. That’s why AblePathways staff provides other customized approaches to behavior modification. For more information, contact us at 760-230-5251.

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