• Counseling Services

Raising a child with special needs can present unique challenges for the entire family, and sometimes put strains on relationships.  Able Pathways provides a range of private-pay Counseling Services to help you deal with these challenges.  An affordable sliding- scale fee (based on family income) is available.

Able Pathways offers individual, couples and group counseling to parents, family, and other community members.  Our services are provided by skilled counselors that have expertise working with children with special needs and their families.
Able Pathways Counselors specialize in helping Parents of Children with Special Needs:
– Deal with stress
– Cope with behaviors and care-taking demands
– Improve self-care
– Adjust to child’s diagnosis
– Repair strained relationships
– Deal with sibling issues
– Manage feelings of powerlessness
– Add balance to your home and life
– Increase hope
We understand how hard it can be and are here to help!
For a no-cost phone consultation, call 760-230-5251.
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