Special Education students with a variety of issues can participate in our school based services. These students may have or be at risk for autism spectrum disorder or behavioral disorder (e.g., disruptive behavior disorder, anxiety or mood disorder) that may be interfering with their school performance and ability to participate in the least restrictive environment (LRE). ABLE PATHWAYS is pleased to share their extensive knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and collaborate with school districts to ensure clients are successful in their school setting. ABLE PATHWAYS is able to provide services which address needs such as assessments, behavioral assessments, teacher and staff training, modification of curriculum, social facilitation, program development, and ongoing supervision.

In addition, ABLE PATHWAYS can provide on-going collaboration throughout the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process, including the creation of IEP goals and objectives, assisting in the implementation of the goals in the home and school settings, and reporting of progress.

Consultation Support

ABLE PATHWAYS includes a variety of staff and program development related activities designed to build capacity in school district personnel, teams, classrooms, and schools. The focus of ABLE PATHWAYS consultation support is to address areas of need that district staff may have in utilizing Applied Behavior Analytic methodologies and other best practices to serve students with autism and emotional behavioral disorders. We provide consultation support to schools, classrooms, and student teams. This consultation support includes focused training to school personnel, classroom team members, and instructional assistants in specific areas of need, classroom coaching, program development, and intermittent team meetings to facilitate program development, implementation, and monitor progress.

IEP Driven Services

ABLE PATHWAYS can deliver behavioral health services to specific students in order to build their requisite skills and resolve emotional and behavioral challenges necessary for the student to participate in the least restrictive environment (LRE), access their curriculum, and demonstrate progress toward IEP goals. As a supplement to consultation support, the utilization of ABLE PATHWAYS for IEP driven services provide districts with an immediate response to addressing the needs of individual students.