• School Support Services

At Able Pathways we believe that sustainable change can not occur without the support of the client’s social environment. We understand that for most of our clients this extends beyond the family system to teachers, student aids and peers within the classroom. With our clients operating in multiple environments on a daily basis, collaboration is key in ensuring long term behavioral success. At Able Pathways we offer various forms of in-school support designed to ensure the most comprehensive collaboration for your child. Our services include individual direct support within the classroom as well as teacher and aid trainings.

Our direct support services will provide you with a highly trained ABA therapist who has received their RBT credential through the Behvaior Analsyt Certification Board. The therapist would provide one-on-one support to your child within the classroom through use of ABA strategies and techniques while recording detailed data to document your child’s behavioral progress within the classroom. For clients who do not feel that this level of support is needed, our in-school training may be a better solution. Our in-school training services include individual one-on-one training or group training for teachers and aids within the school at an affordable individual or group rate. We would provide the school with one of our graduate level ABA Superviors whose role would include training participants on ABA concepts and techniques to utilize for specific behavioral challenges they are experiencing within the classroom. We highly recommend our in-school support services for clients who would like to improve classroom behavior and collaboration within the school.

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